Research and teaching Interests:

Latin America:  Aymara-speaking indigenous peoples, Bolivia, the Andes, regional histories and cultures, indigenous politics in national contexts, Latin American-U.S. relations

Capitalism and Globalization:  Global capitalism since 1492, economic interactions of “first” and “third” worlds, structural inequalities in the world system, neoliberalism

Tourism: archaeological and cultural tourism, interactions of archaeologists and local residents in conceptualizing tourist sites, domestic tourism within the “third world,” pilgrimage, national ritual performances

Development: Meta-narratives of development and progress, unintended consequences of development projects, gender and development

Foodways:  The emergence of coherent “tourist cuisines,” the foodways of death in Bolivia, local concepts of diet and nutrition, food taboos, gendered household labor, changing foodways, long-term analyses of food aid projects and agricultural development programs in Bolivia

Environment: Human-environment interactions in multiple contexts, concepts of biodiversity, global environmental politics, alliances between environmental and indigenous movements, indigenous access to legal protections for intellectual property.



Clare In the Press:


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